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"I called upon Wayne a few years back for a cold cut drug charge. He drove me to the courthouse, and got one charge dropped completely and the other reduced to a minor misdemeanor non drug charge. Good man. Top notch lawyer. Legend in oxford."

Happy Client

NO ONE IS BETTER THAN WAYNE PERIOD. He was professional but also comfortable to be around. He put my fears at ease, and did his job. He was well worth his very reasonable fee.

Marcie Gaebel

The best attorney I know and will use him any time no matter what.

Rachel Asher

If your MU student gets in any type of situation requiring a lawyer, Wayne Staton is your best option. A lifelong resident, former MU student and professor, he knows the system and players and has seen it all before.

Susan Humphreys

Wayne really is THE best. If it is important, I think you would be crazy to go elsewhere. Trust this man; he gets it done.

Nick T

"Timothy is a diligent and respected attorney in our community whose services I have utilized and recommended. Great guy to work with."

Coldwell Banker College Real Estate, LLC

T.J. is an excellent attorney. He practices in Oxford where he represents people charged with criminal offenses and Miami University students embroiled in disciplinary matters. T.J. is the lawyer's "go-to" lawyer for Miami University disciplinary matters. T.J. Meloy is the first person I consider when I need co-counsel on a Miami University disciplinary proceeding.

John O'Shea