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For many young people, the temptation to be able to go out with their older friends can be too great to resist. Securing a fake ID can seem to be the answer to their problems and a window to expanded social opportunities. The reality is that being caught with a fake ID is a first degree misdemeanor, which can carry up to six months in jail as a consequence. This is not an expungeable offense. It will appear on your record as "certain acts prohibited" for years.

No one should start building his or her life with the black mark of a criminal conviction hindering him or her. Secure the representation of a skilled attorney who can help your young person move forward with his or her life free of the weight of a criminal record.

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Decades Of Experience Protecting Our Clients' Rights And Future

At Wayne Staton Co., LPA, we are committed to offering the exceptional defense that our clients deserve against all manner of criminal charges, including using a fake ID. We understand the impact criminal convictions can have on the lives of young people who are just starting to build lives for themselves, and we bring all of our skill and experience to the defense of their future.

Does Your Son Or Daughter Attend Miami University?

Miami University counts a fake ID conviction as a dishonesty. Two instances of dishonesty can result in suspension from the university. We have been defending the rights of students against criminal charges for decades. Let us use that skill and experience to help you.

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When your child is facing charges for using a fake ID, you need to take action to protect his or her rights and future. The highly skilled Oxford fake ID lawyers of Wayne Staton Co., LPA, provide the exceptional defense your child needs. To schedule a free initial consultation, call (513) 523-7722 or simply contact us online.

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