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It can be a challenge to find the time to begin considering your estate plan. There always seems to be more pressing matters. But, if you have any property or any questions that need to be answered such as, "Who would take care of my children if something happened to me?" then you need to have an estate plan. Making these decisions now keeps the choice in your hands rather than leaving it to the government to decide.

Common elements to an effective estate plan can include:

  • Will
  • Trust
  • Living Will
  • Durable health care power of attorney
  • General power of attorney

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Help Navigating The Probate Process

In addition to estate planning, our firm helps people through the probate process. Probate is the process where assets are distributed and obligations are met. The probate process can be used to validate a will or distribute assets if no will is present. We assist those who are attempting to navigate the probate process. We are especially adept at helping those who do not live nearby but must attend to the probate of a parent's or another loved one's estate.

Decades Of Experience Protecting Our Clients' Rights And Future

At Wayne Staton Co., LPA, we help people build sound estate plans that clearly and effectively convey their wishes, and we provide seasoned guidance throughout the probate process. We understand the peace of mind that skilled legal representation can provide to those who are facing these issues. We work to help people face these potentially confusing matters with confidence.

Contact The Hamilton Power Of Attorney Lawyers Of Wayne Staton Co., LPA

When you are facing estate planning or probate issues, you need to take action to ensure that your wishes are respected. The highly skilled Oxford estate planning lawyers of Wayne Staton Co., LPA, provide the exceptional representation you need. To schedule a free initial consultation, call (513) 523-7722 or simply contact us online.

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