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DUI/OVI charges are the most serious criminal charges that an average person will ever face. Some of the consequences of a DUI conviction include:

  • Jail - A driver charged with DUI/OVI who has a blood alcohol content (BAC) of .17 faces a mandatory sentence of three days in jail and three days of an alcohol awareness or driver intervention program.
  • Driver's License Suspension - Losing your driving privileges is a challenge for everyone who has any responsibilities.
  • Escalating penalties - A DUI conviction remains on your record for 21 years. A fourth DUI conviction within 21 years will be charged as a felony. You cannot expunge a DUI from your record.
  • Unforeseen consequences - A DUI conviction will lead to having to secure high-risk insurance as well as other costs that most people do not foresee

Decades Of Experience Protecting Our Clients' Rights And Future

At Wayne Staton Co., LPA, we have been defending the rights of those facing DUI charges for more than 36 years. We are committed to helping our clients secure the best possible resolution to the charges they face no matter how challenging the circumstances. Attorney Wayne Staton is a trial attorney who has decades of experience in the court. He knows how to build strong cases for his clients. Given our experience, we are also skilled at building strong cases that can help protect the rights of Miami University students who are facing DUI/OVI charges.

We employ every effective means of defending our clients, including:

  • Questioning whether probable cause for the original stop existed
  • Questioning the accuracy of the Intoxilyzer
  • Pleading to a lesser charge

The state of Ohio recently switched to using the Intoxilyzer 8000. These machines have a history of problems that could adversely affect people. We often fight the validity of this machine in our clients' cases.

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