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Finding out that your son or daughter is facing criminal charges can be an incredibly dismaying situation. The reality is that there may be no time when your child needs you more than now. The impact of criminal charges on your child's ability to complete his or her higher education can radically reshape the future he or she had been working toward.

Depending on the type of criminal charges your student is facing and whether or not anything similar had happened before can put him or her in a situation where suspension or expulsion can easily become a reality.

If your student is facing such a difficult situation, he or she needs help. While we cannot provide representation at an academic hearing, we can prepare the student for it. The student will be solely responsible for his or her defense. We can help your student understand how to present the strongest defense against possible academic repercussions.

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At Wayne Staton Co., LPA, our commitment to helping students overcome criminal charges includes preparing them for a vigorous defense during any subsequent academic hearings at Miami University. Attorney Wayne Staton has been teaching at Miami University and providing criminal defense representation to those in need since 1976. His familiarity with university procedures and the local courts gives his clients an advantage as they seek to secure the best possible resolution their criminal cases and academic hearings.

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When your son or daughter is facing criminal charges as a student, you need to take action to protect his or her rights and future. The highly skilled Oxford student criminal defense attorneys of Wayne Staton Co., LPA, provide the exceptional defense you need. To schedule a free initial consultation, call (513) 523-7722 or simply contact us online.

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